Monday, 16 June 2008

LPNo:9 - Penhaligon's - Top hats and tails.

These days, it is with enormous restraint I sparingly spritz the last remaining milliliters of my beloved LPNo:9 for Him.
Just over a year ago, I learned that my fine fragrance Holy Grail had been deleted from the Penhaligon's perfume portfolio. Launched for Valentine's Day in 1999 along with it's female counterpart, LPNo:9 for Her; this unique men's scent is distinctly British. And it is a scent with some dramatic contrasts.

Shimmering citrus top notes veil deep, rich, spicy heart and base accords... zesty bergamot, lemon and mandarin merge with a humming blend of rosemary, black pepper, warm cinnamon and smokey amber - the total sum of which tends to prickle at the back of your nose. The opening sensation is rather like inhaling the aroma of scotch and dry ginger ale. But with time, one can detect the delicate blend of warm clove, mint-like geranium, dry vetiver and fragrant sandalwood. This is a scent to be cherished as something timeless, sophisticated and elegant.

One cant help but feel transported back to Victorian England when wearing this abandoned treasure... dressed in top hat and tails, stepping out of coal-black carriages with white gloves and silver-tipped ebony canes; Love Potion No:9 hanging in the air overhead like a shiny black raven. Sadly, with time, this scent will also vanish, much like those vivid Victorian years.

As a result, I am on the hunt for ANY LPNo:9 cologne, samples, candles and bath oil. Kindly contact the author if you can help.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely blog!

Anonymous said...

Fragrance info/opinion presented in a classy, artistic & sexy format ~ a real pleasure to browse! Great work Dimitri!

Blog Author said...

Thank you kind lady! ;)
Im delighted you stopped by :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Just started reading and I love this one the best just for the wonder of finding the "holy grail" of scent then the utter tradgedy of finding it stopped. Good luck I love your blog, just wish you'd update more.

Aimée L'Ondée said...

Hi Dimitri, I was doing a search for reviews of London LP No. 9, because I just noticed that it's popped up for sale at and it looked intriguing. Since your review mentioned that you would love to know about sources for it, I thought I'd let you know. Of course you may have found another source by now, given the time that's passed since this review, but maybe this will be helpful. I enjoy your reviews!

Blog Author said...

Thank you Aimee! :)
Youre very kind to point this link out.
All the best,