Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Olivier Durbano - Parfums d'Ambience & Extraits de Parfum

I'm thrilled to discover master of olfactory perfection Olivier Durbano has recently added several new product lines to his perfume portfolio. Since his first release Rock Crystal in 2005, Monsieur Durbano has launched eight eaux de parfums to date that serve as fragrant interpretations of semi-precious stones: Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Jade, Turquoise, Rose Quartz, Citrine and Heliotrope (Bloodstone). This year, the EDPs have been supplemented by delightful scented candles and fragrant room sprays. Also appearing, are the exhilarating parfum extraits that we perfumisti have been howling for for years!

For purposes of reviewing his products, I chose to purchase Black Tourmaline - a much-loved scent from his line, which focuses on smokey woods and resins.

Parfums de Flamme 165g / 45 hrs

As one would expect from a candle created to scent one's domicile, Olivier has used exceptional ingredients and top-quality wax. These candles are fragrant from the moment the protective dust cover is removed, and once lit provide an even, smokeless burn. Black Tourmaline is the perfect scent to use to perfume your home as the autumn/winter chill sets in (ideal for us Aussies at this time of year)! The scent evokes feelings of warmth and comfort, but is also mysterious and striking enough to transport one to a distant oriental landscape. It's throw is average / above average. I'm please to see the candle burns evenly, ensuring there are no craters down the middle and wasteful wax stuck to the sides.

Parfum d'Intérieur 100ml Spray

Finally a Durbano product that can be spritzed with mad abandon! The Black Tourmaline room spray is every bit as effective as the EDP in producing a radiant aura around you and your environment. Sprayed in the air, or lightly over soft furnishings, this ambient perfume brings an enigmatic tone to your home, filling it with the scent of smouldering woods, fragrant spices and incense. I find it works incredibly well when used to perfume one's curtains when doors and windows are left open on opposite sides of your home. The through-draft carries the scent from room to room for a thoroughly even, blanketed result.
Whilst some might consider wearing this as an alternative to the eau de parfum, it is recommended for use as a interior fragrance only, and direct contact with skin should be avoided.

Extrait de Parfum 30ml Spray

For those (like me) whom have rhapsodised for years over Black Tourmaline EDP - well you're in for a treat... the extrait de parfum is every bit as good, and so much more! The pure parfum offers a whopping 40% concentration (the EDP's a generous 20%), which means there's much to love in this handy 30ml bottle. Straight off the bat, I find the extrait follows the same trajectory as the EDP but for one thing... the eau de parfum's opening is somewhat sharp and astringent, whilst the opening of the extrait is smoother and more refined. The extrait focuses more on the glorious black pepper / cardamom / coriander / cumin facets up front, and the charred, burnt woods and oud emerge in the heart. The overall texture - by comparison to the EDP - feels buttery and polished. Glorious florets of frankincense and precious resins blossom at the heart, and lend their dry, mineralic appeal. There has never been any question amongst fans as to Black Tourmaline's longevity and projection, so I'm sure it comes as no surprise to learn the extrait perfumes my skin for close to 8 hours.

I am greatly pleased that these products escalate an already exquisite line, and remain true to Monsieur Durbano's oeuvre. These products, and products from Durbano's other Parfums de Pierres Poèmes can be purchased directly from Olivier's atelier in Paris.