Friday 7 October 2011

One Seed - Courage and Beauty in Botany

As a student of natural botanical perfumery, I recognise how difficult it is sometimes to work with natural components. Many perfumers swear by the inclusion of synthetics in their formulas to lend stability and pizzazz, but Australian Handcrafted Botanical Perfume outfit One Seed have triumphed in creating exceptional scents without a scrap of synthetic interference.

One Seed pride themselves on their use of 100% natural ingredients, and in doing so, are planting a seed for change. Their philosophy is to focus on releasing small handcrafted batches with a cognisance of remaining wholly organic, sustainable and against animal cruelty. Armchair perfumistas might scoff at such a scenario, however One Seed have proven with their unique and compelling lineup of eaux de parfums, that olfactory excellence is not compromised by "being green".

Five fragrances currently reside in their permanent perfume portfolio: Courage, Devotion, Freedom, Hope and Grace, and only yesterday I came across them in a charming boutique here in Western Australia. Whilst there is much to explore in the line, I was won over instantly by Courage: a rich, resolutely unisex floral oriental.

Seldom am I 'wowed' from the get-go. And I mean "wowed". Courage has an abstract opening that lends itself more to lush, complex perfumes of yesteryear... there is an olfactory 'temperature' that places it amongst other gems like vintage Miss Dior, or Vero Profumo's Onda. Moments out of the bottle, you could almost swear there is a soft leather note evoking a napped suede texture, but the top notes comprise of sweet orange and magnolia. A dense muskiness swells from below... ylang ylang and opulent indolic jasmine huddle at its heart, furnishing this perfume with a glimpse of times gone by. These stirring blossoms are masterfully blended; so much so that they feel cashmere-soft in hushed hues of peach and nude, where a carnal presence simmers just beneath the surface.

Some time after it first dances on skin, a delicious Shalimar-esque oriental facet emerges... one composed of vanilla and honey-like amber. These lip-smacking qualities linger well into the drydown and leave a lingering impression. Courage is a rare find in this age of cookie-cutter synthetics and head-space creations.

One Seed products have very select distributorship in Australia. Australian perfumistas can visit their website for store locations and to purchase samples with free shipping.
West Australians looking for a memorable excursion can find One Seed products at Storia in Guildford - a charming emporium of unique and inspiring hand-selected wares (tel. 9379 9370).