Monday, 26 November 2012

Puredistance - Opardu

Inspired by the vibrant Parisian nightlife of the turn of the last century, master perfumers Puredistance have recently launched their fourth perfume Opardu, which pays respect to a dynamic age of opulence and romance.

Bringing forth feelings of tenderness and seduction, Opardu is the brainchild of Puredistance Director Jan Edwoud Vos and the creation of New York perfumer, Anne Buzuntian. Inspired by a painting by Dutch Fauvist/painter Kees van Dongen of a bouquet of flowers, Buzuntian set out to create a scent that ushered in a sense of nostalgia and longing... a perfume that evoked memories of love.

Opardu is a bouquet of tranquilizing flowers - a rendering of  blossoms that captivate and inveigle within seconds of being applied to skin.
A bewitching tuberose absolute dances over gardenia, Bulgarian rose and purple lilac... the sum of which feels staunchly French and extremely enchanting. It's heart is a quickstep of carnation and jasmine - spiralling florals which are both heady and commanding, and yet somehow virginal and chaste at the same time. As far as feminine florals are concerned, this is how I would imagine all women should smell... graceful and self-restrained, but with a transfixing gaze of dissoluteness in her eyes.

Puredistance continue to produce exceptional perfume, making it one of my most appreciated independent perfume houses. Their scents are timeless and beautiful.

Opardu is now available in 17.5ml and 100ml sizes in the Puredistance webshop and at select retailers.

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