Friday, 20 August 2010

Shalimar Reincarnated

This September marks another milestone for Guerlain's cornerstone perfume Shalimar. To celebrate her 85th birthday, she will be revamped and presented in her third major incarnation since her nativity.

To my mind, the stunning urn-shaped baccarat bottle designed by Raymond Guerlain for the 1925 Art Déco exhibition in Paris is close to perfection, however the good folk at 68 Champs Elysées have thought otherwise. In 2010, Guerlain commissioned jewellery designer Jade Jagger to modernise the Shalimar eau de parfum flacon and her efforts have culminated in a sleeker, more streamlined design.

The new aesthetic, frankly, has not yet won me over. Whilst the beautiful new glass balloon is lovely to hold in ones hands, I can't help but feel the tiny pedestal a little disproportionate. And whilst the softer edges around the scalloped blue cap may indeed evoke the idea of a faceted gemstone, I can't help but feel we are looking at a "photoshopped" interpretation of Raymond Guerlain's masterpiece.
Still, my indulgent criticisms will certainly not stop me from savouring the decadent amber liquid inside!

182 limited edition 20ml extraits have also been created worldwide; each piece decorated with a genuine sapphire engraved with the Maison Guerlain "G" hanging from the bottle neck in honour of the house's 182nd anniversary. The cost is $1500.

Good news for those stateside: Jade Jagger will also make an appearance at Saks Fifth Avenue New York on September 10th 2010 at 7pm to personally autograph the new Shalimar bottles purchased on the night.


Kevin Guyer said...

I love the soft-to-the-touch design, but the price is ridiculous. Jade Jagger certainly brings a hip factor to Guerlain and the dusty Shalimar franchise. But honestly, I don't understand the concept behind luxe-souvenirs.

Angela Cox said...

Sacrilege !!!

Michael Mattison said...

Of all bottles to revamp, the classic Shalimar flacon would have been the very last on my list. Why tamper with an Art Déco masterpiece? Not at all necessary. And as you pointed out, there are issues regarding proportion; the pedestal is not in sync with the torso.)
Thanks for sharing,

Monsieur Guerlain said...

Jagger's EdP bottle will not replace Raymond Guerlain's perfect Art Deco extrait bottle, and I think most fans will agree that her design is an improvement to the "bat-shaped" bottle :-)

Anonymous said...

I just love the new flacon. Kudos to Jade Jagger. Bye bye horrid bat bottle. Thanks goodness though ,that Raymond Guerlain's extrait bottle remains though- it is my favorite bottle.

Steven said...

The reincarnation of Shalimar was in my eyes more then needed.
First of all, the extrait original will be kept.
It is the eau de parfum and next year the eau de toilette that will have the new bottle.
To be quite honest, the former bottle ( butterfly-like shape) was a disaster. whom ever did design that bottle needed to be shot. It had nothing to do with what Shalimar represents. No magic , no Glamour and certainly less shalimar lovers.
The new bottle may be modern, it reflects the extrait bottle even better then all the bottles before made. The little foot of the bottle is small indeed, but it has its charms. And the glass just looks breathtaking. The perfection of the curves and the transparancy is just amazing. Well Done Jade !!!!