Saturday, 15 October 2011

Penhaligon's sample winners

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Friday, 7 October 2011

One Seed - Courage and Beauty in Botany

As a student of natural botanical perfumery, I recognise how difficult it is sometimes to work with natural components. Many perfumers swear by the inclusion of synthetics in their formulas to lend stability and pizzazz, but Australian Handcrafted Botanical Perfume outfit One Seed have triumphed in creating exceptional scents without a scrap of synthetic interference.

One Seed pride themselves on their use of 100% natural ingredients, and in doing so, are planting a seed for change. Their philosophy is to focus on releasing small handcrafted batches with a cognisance of remaining wholly organic, sustainable and against animal cruelty. Armchair perfumistas might scoff at such a scenario, however One Seed have proven with their unique and compelling lineup of eaux de parfums, that olfactory excellence is not compromised by "being green".

Five fragrances currently reside in their permanent perfume portfolio: Courage, Devotion, Freedom, Hope and Grace, and only yesterday I came across them in a charming boutique here in Western Australia. Whilst there is much to explore in the line, I was won over instantly by Courage: a rich, resolutely unisex floral oriental.

Seldom am I 'wowed' from the get-go. And I mean "wowed". Courage has an abstract opening that lends itself more to lush, complex perfumes of yesteryear... there is an olfactory 'temperature' that places it amongst other gems like vintage Miss Dior, or Vero Profumo's Onda. Moments out of the bottle, you could almost swear there is a soft leather note evoking a napped suede texture, but the top notes comprise of sweet orange and magnolia. A dense muskiness swells from below... ylang ylang and opulent indolic jasmine huddle at its heart, furnishing this perfume with a glimpse of times gone by. These stirring blossoms are masterfully blended; so much so that they feel cashmere-soft in hushed hues of peach and nude, where a carnal presence simmers just beneath the surface.

Some time after it first dances on skin, a delicious Shalimar-esque oriental facet emerges... one composed of vanilla and honey-like amber. These lip-smacking qualities linger well into the drydown and leave a lingering impression. Courage is a rare find in this age of cookie-cutter synthetics and head-space creations.

One Seed products have very select distributorship in Australia. Australian perfumistas can visit their website for store locations and to purchase samples with free shipping.
West Australians looking for a memorable excursion can find One Seed products at Storia in Guildford - a charming emporium of unique and inspiring hand-selected wares (tel. 9379 9370).

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Penhaligon's - Juniper Sling Review + Giveaway!

With all things Art Deco proving terribly de rigeur right now, September 2011 marks the introduction of a new fragrance to the Penhaligon's perfume portfolio: "Juniper Sling" - a scent inspired by the widely revered spirit London Dry Gin, and one that pays hommage to the Art Deco age.

Responsible for such iconic perfumes as Thierry Mugler's Angel and Christian Dior's Dune, Olivier Cresp is the nose behind this creation. When approaching Juniper Sling, Cresp has drawn upon his vast history and knowledge to create a scent which not only tips its hat to a celebrated cocktail, but also embodies an entire era - the colourful roaring 20's.

Juniper Sling is a startlingly smooth blend which opens with a bit of 'razzle-dazzle'... a shot of crisp gin, sappy juniper and a scattering of black pepper fire up the senses, whilst soft leather, cinnamon and dusty iris give the scent a tranquil, narcotising quality. There is no doubt that this perfume smells like an exceptionally good cocktail... it is somehow diaphanous, yet complex. I find its biting orange brandy note and huff of angelica make it delectably fragrant, whilst a hint of black cherry and brown sugar in the base lend themselves to a lip-smacking drydown. Despite these food-like accords, Juniper Sling veers away from the gourmand and maintains its vibe more as a delicately-refined tipple. Vetiver and ambergris (Ambrox) in the base also lend a sense of clean, green transparency.
Decidedly unisex in style, this is a cocktail I'd like to swallow whole and then come back for more. If applied liberally on the skin (as it tends to be a little fleeting), Juniper Sling will have you love-drunk before the night is over.

Below, the playful marketing video in support of the launch.


Three lucky Sorcery of Scent readers will win each a carded sample of Juniper Sling (pictured below). To enter the draw, simply leave a message in the comments field below, explaining why you'd like to try Juniper Sling. Please ensure you include an email address in your answer or on your linked profile so that you can be contacted if you're a winner. Winners names will be drawn at random and posted on the website next week.

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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

L'Abeille de Guerlain - the fragrance world abuzz with jewels.

Perhaps you're wondering what to ask your significant other to buy you for Christmas this year?
Here is a sneak peek at Guerlain's stunning new bijoux fashioned on the L'Abeille de Guerlain flacon. The piece comes as a pendant and it is made exclusively to order with your favourite perfume.

Information is still rather scant, but Luxury Launches reported in May this year that this meticulously-crafted object of desire is composed of pavé set diamonds and polished rock crystal in a solid platinum setting. This project represents a marriage of three artisans: the jeweller, of course the perfumer, and a watchmaker... the latter of which has designed a clever mechanism to pop open the wings to reveal an ornately-decorated body. The jewellery will release your preferred scent for approximately 6 months whilst you wear it.

Apparently, 500 hours of craftsmanship has gone into each piece, making this Guerlain's most exclusive (and undoubtedly expensive) treasure yet.

Kinda makes the Christmas ham taste like cardboard, right?