Thursday, 2 October 2008

Musk Ghazelle: bringing sexy back!

After my recent study of a number of Middle Eastern oils, I feel I have chanced upon a phenomenal find: the treacle-coloured elixir named Musk Ghazelle -reportedly produced by the manufacturer Ajmal (though I do not see this scent listed in their portfolio of perfumes).

From the very first moment Musk Ghazelle reached my nose, it flicked a switch within. It was as if a child leaning between the bars of a sleeping lion's den, prodding the slumbering beast repeatedly with a stick; finally roused the raging carnivore within me. Something had triggered a natural behavioural response in me that effected my human physiology... evoking a desire to hunt, to consume and to propagate.
Simply put, this potent blend wreaks havoc with my pheromones. It awakens a primordial instinct that has been buried deep in the recesses of  the human psyche for millennia... one of a pack-hunting, flesh-eating predatory race that copulate shamelessly on thick animal hides in dark caves lit with flaming torches.

Musk Ghazelle opens with a fine ribbon of sun-ripened fruits that give the impression of having laid around a little too long... perhaps already undergoing the early stages of fermentation into a sugary alcohol. Somewhere beneath, there lies a fleecy musk accord that is not sharp and acrid as with most musks; but organic and somehow fatty. This musk swells and grows as the oil warms on the skin... one can quite clearly imagine their face pressed into the warm, powdery hide of an animal, conscious of the oils in the hair and dried sweat on the beasts skin. It is a very sexy, vulnerable scent... and every bit as appealing to the hungry predator as the limping impala that has strayed away from the main herd.

This is a spirited potion that reaches far into the recesses of the human subconscious. Whilst many mainstream perfumers falsely claim to create scents that render you irresistible to those around you; Musk Ghazelle is the first perfume I've encountered that appears to do so on a biological and psychological level. A few drops of this potent oil shared between couples, is bound to make the earth move! 

Musk Ghazelle is sold by the quarter tola (3ml) for approximately $35, through strictly limited distribution.


Anonymous said...

Madini makes a Musk Gazelle that's fantastic. Have you smelled it and if so are there any simalarities with Ajmal's Musk Ghazelle?


Dimitri:THE REDOLENT ONE said...

Hi Natty,

I've not smelled the Mandini oil, so i cant truly compare unfortunately.
Based on my description, do you feel they share any similarities?


Anonymous said...

Hi Dimitri,
Based on your description they sound quite similar heady animalistic and intoxicating.


Dimitri:THE REDOLENT ONE said...

Natty, the following is a comment that I was sent by Simon, the person from whom I purchased the Musk Ghazelle, to add to this thread. For some technical reason he was unable to post the comment here...


Natty I have sold Madini's Musk and there is not much comparison, though the Madini company says the real thing is in there. I have sampled many oils called Musk Ghazelle but by far Ajmal's is the most memorable. The only other Musk Ghazelle I would put over Ajmal's, is Agarscents Red Musk but it goes for about $420 for 3ml.

Perfumeshrine said...

I think I have heard of the Madini one, so finding out there is an Ajmal one too is intriguing to say the least. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Natty again, so I would I be able to purchase Ajmal's Musk Ghazelle? I've looked at their site and it's not on there.


Dimitri:THE REDOLENT ONE said...

Hi Natty,
You can indeed!
I've just sent you details on Basenotes PM. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dimi,

I am very intrigued after reading about the Musk Ghazelle. Would you send me the info also?

Best Regards,
Jeff C.

Love the site. Great work.

Alvin said...

Could you send me the contact info for purchasing Musk Ghazelle? My basenotes username is acjigga. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

The Ajmal website is located here:

Parfum said...

I hope this stuff doesnt actually contain any natural musk ? :( Dimitri can you give me some information on this perfume and where to get it ? Id like to know more about it

Anonymous said...

Hey Dimitri,

I've been looking all over for somewhere to order Musk Ghazelle from! Would you mind sending me a PM on Basenotes as well? I'd be much obliged. My user name is Mr. Feel Good. Thank you!

pheromone perfume said...

Cool! I want to try that perfume. I just wonder how much is it. Anyway,thanks for sharing this post. Keep posting.


salman said...

Hey Dimitri,

would you please provide me some details where and how to get musk ghazalle in saudia arabia. kindly send me some details regarding price and size at

pyrone8 said...

Hello.I am a exotic oil enthusiast. Where can I purchase Musk Ghazelle by ajmal? Thanks.