Monday, 21 July 2008

Sisley: Eau de Campagne

There is something to be said about the royalty of family. Whether it be aristocratic or otherwise, there is a sense of strength and power evident when one is aligned with kin. In history, the preservation of one's name and one's bloodline was of paramount importance... and whilst today we seldom war for this purpose any more; there is still a proud feeling of sovereign interconnectedness between parents and offspring that all strive for a common goal.

The d'Ornano family of France founded the French company Sisley in 1976, and for three generations, this family business has pioneered research and development of aromatherapy and phytocosmetology. Sisley is a company built by a father, mother, son & daughter team whose perfectionism and drive has made Sisley one of the most prestigious brands in the industry. 

With three exclusive fragrances to their credit, the delightful Eau de Campagne is brimming with vitality and freshness. Favoured by both men and women, Eau de Campagne is a shimmering blend of lush green tomato leaf, freshly-cut green grass and sparkling citrus. Its herbaceous quality is instantly uplifting, and the elegant composition oozes sophistication - much like their tasteful advertising images of rolling green hills, opulent gardens and welcoming retreats. It is audacious and dynamic, and serves as a bracing feel-good tonic which sharpens the mind and refreshes the body throughout the day. One can immediately detect quality here. Perhaps, if in reality you are not of royal blood or aristocratic descent, a few drops of this luminous fragrance may do very well in suggesting you are. For this, is the verdant nectar of nobility.

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