Thursday, 3 July 2008

Gaultier: It takes two...

Gents, let me ask you... have you ever worn a kilt? Despite the obvious associations with women's skirts and William Wallace wannabes, I can't tell you how liberating the experience is! 
I can say this now in hindsight, but a few years back when I was first offered my promotional uniform for the launch of Gaultier2, I was less than thrilled. When fashion maestro Jean Paul Gaultier unleashed his first unisex scent onto the world stage, he obviously wanted to do it with all the flamboyance and flair for which he is renowned. Gaultier2 was all about people coming together... succumbing to the magnetic attraction within. But for me - a man who faced public humiliation with hairy knees exposed - all I could focus on at the time were my jeering male colleagues, and pervy granny shoppers wielding hooked umbrella handles. But somehow, over the course of launch week, I managed to avoid a small army of skirt-chasing girls - and guys, - and grew to appreciate this incredible scent.

Gaultier2 (to the power of two) features three basic accords: amber, vanilla and musk. Though its relatively linear composition doesnt evolve much from first spritz to final wisp on the skin; it does shift somewhat between these three featured accords. Amber is the main star here - deep and resinous and warm. It melds on the skin like thick molasses and, when heated by your body, amplifies tenfold. The accompanying vanilla radiates this warmth and creates titanic sillage - imbuing the air with a honeyed incandescent warmth. The underlying musk is not overtly animalic - but is ever-present to suggest something distinctly organic... the overall experience being like the heat of two bodies pressed together and the friction between them... tempestuous, fiery, tender.

G2 is not everyone's bag, but it does do exceptionally well that which it was originally intended to do... to illustrate and intensify the magnetism and volatility of attraction between two people, irrespective of gender and age. 
Though initially luke-warm, the response to this fragrance has since seen a steady increase in its admirers. It is very appealing.

And, just for the record; by the end of launch week when the kilt was dry cleaned and returned, I don't know who was more disappointed to see it go: myself or the Mrs.
Or perhaps those salacious senior citizens!

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