Sunday, 7 September 2014

REVIEW: NARCISO Eau de parfum - Narciso Rodriguez

American designer Narciso Rodriguez wowed the world with his 2003 feminine "Narciso Rodriguez For Her" which received the British FiFi Award for Best New Fragrance in 2003, and the Fragrance of the Year accolade in 2004 for the "Women's Nouveau Niche" category. A composition focused chiefly on florals, amber and musk, For Her shone a whole new light on resolute femininity and sensuality. This month - September 2014 - Rodriguez has just launched a new scent, NARCISO, which I predict will enjoy the same fame as it's sultry, vampish predecessor.

 Packaged in modest nude and white hues, NARCISO's flacon is a weighty square of glass that feels wonderful in the hand. The inside of the receptacle is painted a milky white... something suggestive of the perfume inside. Opening with a cashmere soft mantle of gardenia and white rose Narciso is an overture to femininity. These floral notes are underpinned by a sensual amber facet which lends a creamy/milkiness to the composition. At its heart lies the same exceptional Egyptian musk that made For Her a hit... Narciso borrows this from it's older sibling, whose DNA can be clearly recognised here. This being said, Narciso feels contemporary and individual. A delicate sigh of vetiver and blanched woods in the base gives the support required to hold these notes aloft.

Narciso is perhaps one of the more exciting feminine mainstream releases for 2014. She commands attention in all the right ways... a nude figure reclining suggestively beneath crisp white sheets.  

Well played Señor Rodriguez, well played.
Narciso eau de parfum is available in 30ml, 50ml and 90ml sizes and can be found on counter at Myer in Australia now.

A series of rolling launches will see her available internationally from September / October.

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Claudia0219 said...

A clean sexy fragrance, the musk in this definitely is recognizable. Love this fragrance.