Thursday, 1 May 2014

L'ADN GUERLAIN - Treasured Scents from the Guerlain Stable

Shortly, Sorcery of Scent will be reviving our ever-popular series titled "5 Guerlains in 5 Days"... a succession of articles focusing on vintage perfumes from the Guerlain stable that have been long since lost to time.
As a recipient of a unique coffret of Guerlain parfums that trace 25 important releases along the Guerlain timeline from 1877 to 1952, I will be writing a few words about these scents that once shone brightly yesteryear.
Lovingly restored by perfumers Thierry Wasser and Frederic Sacone from antique Guerlain texts, these pure parfums exist today just as they would have a century ago.

They include:

Pao Rosa (1877), Jicky (1889), A Travers Champs (1898), Voila Pourquoi J'amais Rosine (1900), Fleur Qui Mert (1901), Mouchoir de Monsieur (1904), Parfum des Champs-Elysees (1904), Voilette de Madame (1904), Apres L'ondee (1906), Sillage (1907), Muguet (1908), Chypre de Paris (1909), Mitsouko (1919), Bouquet des Faunes (1922), Candide Effluve (1922), Guerlinade (1924), Shalimar (1925), Djedi (1926), Sous le Vent (1934), Cuir de Russie (Jacques Guerlain 1935), Vega (1936), Cachet Jaune (1937), Coque d'Or (1937), Fleur de Feu (1948), Atuana (1952).

Stay tuned as the first series kicks off mid-May.

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Warit said...

Yay! I hope you will be able to review them all one by one! Looking forward especially to Silage, Chypre, and Boquet de Faunes!!