Sunday, 8 December 2013

Hermès - The Classics Collection - Bel Ami Vetiver

This December, Hermès are launching The Classics Collection - a selection of eight classic scents from the iconic French perfume stable that have been repackaged in the iconic 'carriage lantern' flacon.

The lineup will include one Jean Claude Ellena newcomer - a flanker to the 1986 masculine Bel Ami, aptly titled Bel Ami Vetiver. A vetiver / patchouli twist on the much-loved original, Bel Ami Vetiver will be available in Hermès boutiques and at Hermè from Decemberand will roll out to selected retailers in 2014. A special feature includes a discrete artwork seen through the bottle printed on the back of the label.

Other repackaged scents in the series will include: Eau d'Hermès (1951), Calèche (1961) in both Soie de Parfum and Eau de Toilette, Equipage (1970), Amazone (1974), Bel Ami (1996), Rocabar (1998), Hiris (1999) and Rouge (2000). 

I personally look forward to exploring the newcomer to the Classic family.
And it's time to rework my Christmas wishlist!


Henrique/Rick said...

When you think that Hermés doesn't have more tricks to pull out, they do this. I'm already intrigued! But also worried, does this mean that they might discontinue the classics on the original versions ? Because it seems a lot of coincidence to me that they are starting this line close to 2014, the year that EU restrictions will start to be valid.

Dimitri said...

There will be no discontinuations from this lineup, Rick, however word has it that Parfum d'Hermes is on the chopping block.
Bel Ami Vetiver is the only *new* addition, and the remaining scents are being rebottled / repackaged.

Steve L. said...

I am looking forward to checking out Bel Ami Vetiver...and my recommendation to Hermes is to provide the full collection in 10ml or 15ml sets. I know I would by them. As for Parfum d'Hermes on the chopping of my least favorites!

Anonymous said...

So why were you banned and kicked out from Basenotes?

Dimitri said...

Oh, back in 2011?
I wasn't banned, but the finer details I'd be more inclined to share with someone who actually leaves their name on a post. 'Anonymous' does not inspire me to be quite as forthcoming.

Sherrie said...

They all look so lovely in a row, don't they? I'll take one of each! :-)