Thursday, 28 July 2011

Calé introduce Roboris & Fulgor

Authors of the Calé Fragranze d'Autore range of eaux de toilettes, Italian perfumers Calé are soon set to release a new duo of perfumes in the line. These will not only compliment Calé's existing portfolio of perfumes, but also usher in a new dilution for the line: Les Concentrés.

Roboris and Fulgor are fragrances with a particularly high perfume concentration... greater than that of eau de parfum. Both were inspired by Director Silvio Levi's experience in the blistering heat in Death Valley, when from out of nowhere, a sudden thunderstorm struck and raging flashflood appeared. The experience left a two-fold mark on his soul: the first immediate, violent and wild, and the other; thoughtful, harmonic and embracing.

Fulgor, created by Maurizio Cerizza & Silvio Levi, channels a sensation of imminent, grandiose unstoppable power ready to burst forth... a violent manifestation of nature in all its bone-chilling glory. Fulgor embodies the relentless desert heat, but the air is also charged with electricity. Deep blue-grey clouds are heavy with rain and a zephyr picks up... a precursor to the impending deluge. Opening notes of fig and green tangerine rush over a warm heart of saffron, magnolia and narcissus - these components lend a 'can't-catch-your-breath' feeling of oppressive heat. Patchouli and incense bring an earthiness to the perfume, whilst two very unique 'graphite' and 'pyrite' accords suggest a sense of dryness, like porous desert stone and sand. If struck together, one would expect sparks to appear and a wink of light.
There are opposing elements at play here... contrasts in humidity and temperature which make Fulgor a very unique and compelling perfume.

For Roboris, Levi teamed up with perfumer Mark Buxton to explore a different aspect of the desert thundershower... a interpretation as much spiritual as it is physical. Levi's narrative details a Native American Indian in a desert highland, giving thanks for the imminent rains... the life source that will ensure renewed growth and prosperity for his family. Roboris is a scent which unifies delicate florals such as jasmin, violet and wisteria with cactus flower, vetiver, sandalwood, tonka and ambergris. It feels much greener in its approach, however a sense of the parched, thirsty land lying underfoot is also very vivid. It is a fragrance which is etherial, in celebration of the Great Mother and all her gifts; but it also remains earthbound. This is a perfume that expresses positive strength and gratitude.

In addition to this brand new fragrance duo, Calé continue to explore concentrated dilutions with the re-release of several of their eaux de toilettes, now in concentrated form. These include: Allegro con Brio, Ozio, Assolo and Brezza di Seta.


Isa said...

I liked your descriptions of both perfumes, but I feel more attracted to Fulgor. I love all the notes, especially fig leaf, magnolia and incense!

I would love to try Calé Brezza di Seta. I have read it's powdery and I love that kind of scents :)

Thanks on the draw!

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imgcas at gmail dot com

Ines said...

Fulgor sounds more interesting to me as I've been on a lookout for a perfume that would connote the idea of a summer thunderstorm, and this one sounds just about right. :)
Of those other perfumes, I'd most want to try Brezza di Seta. The notes sound very promising...

Anonymous said...

Ive loved the Cale scents for some time. The idea of capturing the essence of weather is very intriguing to me. I have and love Mistero and Prelude d'Orient and Tepardium is a great scent for summer. Thank you for the draw.
Regards trex57

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Akimon Azuki said...

I would love to try Fulgor, as I am a sucker for mineral accords and the feeling of dry, oppressive dessert heat and accompanying blanched, baked-in-the-sun smell, but Roboris sounds very interesting as well. Of the Calé collection, I am most intrigued by Preludio d’Oriente, which I imagine to be an unusual but sultry summer night fragrance.

ccdouglass said...

They both sound amazing, but Fulgor sounds the most intriguing to me. I would most like to try Preludio d'Oriente, since I am powerless against Oriental scents! Thanks for the draw!

Fernando said...

Definitely it's Fulgor that attracts me. The name works better, for one thing. "Roboris" conjures up both robots and rubber, not good associations.

I've never heard of Calé before, but it sounds interesting.

Email is fqgouvea at colby dot edu

Alnysie said...

Roboris interests me the most. I like its notes (and I'm intrigued by what a cactus flower smells) and the description you gave of it.

Also Ozio sound interesting!

Laurinha said...

I forgot to include my e-mail, sorry; it's laura.diasdealmeida at

Freedom Factory said...

The mineral notes in Fulgor sound truly outstanding, although the cactus note (as in Roboris) is always interesting. From their past offerings, I've read very good things about Mistero, but I've yet to try it.

Bellatrix said...

Both sound so appealing but I think I would rather go for Roboris.
I haven't tried any of their scents but I would like to try Preludio d'Oriente.

Angela Cox said...

Oh I think Roboris would be my favourite as the idea of rain breaking up heat and humidity sounds VERY attractive right now. I can't pretend to have have heard of this fragrance house but Preludio d'Oriente Cale Fragranze d’Autore sounds very beautiful and I love the fact someone on Fragrantica said "You'd feel like Cleopatra wearing this" . I'll tell you that's the one I've waited all my life for ,if a fragrance can do that to me Mark Anthony ( Jeff) is going to be very happy.

Dana Harms said...

As always Dimitri, you make everything sound delicious... but the jasmin, sandalwood and ambergris in the Roboris is especially alluring to me. I would like to know more about the "Brezza di Seta". scentserely,Dana :-)

Kate said...

I think that Fulgor sounds magnificent. Rain in the desert is one of the most amazing things to experience, and to have that captured in a perfume would be fantastic.

As for the others, Mistero sounds enticing, I am always fond of scents which may seem more masculine.

BodyBugged said...

Wonderful reviews! You've gotten me very excited about this line. Of the two in your piece, I'd most like to try Roboris - it was your description of a desert thunderstorm that got me! Also, I'd love to experience Mistero! You had me at: "I also glean a sense of enjoying a nice boozy nightcap whilst sitting by a woodstove waiting for my clothes to dry." Gorgeous writing for what I'm sure are gorgeous fragrances.

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samberg said...

Death Valley is one of my favorite places on Earth.

Fulgor has fig, and fig is my favorite, so that's my preferred one. Yum. Tepardium follows on theme as a breath of summer and is the one that piques my interest.

smberg at

Tourbillion said...

Both Roboris and Fulgor sound interesting, but since I like the idea of delicate florals, I'll go with Roboris.

I haven't actually tried any of Calé's scents, so anything would be 100% more than I have so far, Preludio d'Oriente might be nice once the weather calms down a bit here.

Anonymous said...

I think Fulgor sounds like something I'd try, but I like the name "Roboris" as Roburis is old latin for "Strength".
I havent tried any other Cale scent, so I would leave it in your hands to recommend on from those youve reviewed, Preludio de Orient or Mistero.
Thanks. Alessio.

Little Fox said...

Roborious sounds like a really nice scent i'd like to try. I love violet and sandalwood in a fragrance. But what is more intriguing is the use of the cactus flower which is very uncommon in fragrances. It would really be a fantastic olfactory journey i'd imagine!