Friday, 8 October 2010

Puredistance Antonia

Luxury perfume purveyors Puredistance remain at the top of their game with the imminent launch of their second perfume Antonia; a scent made tangible by nose Annie Buzantian. Following closely on the heels of their debut release Puredistance I, Antonia is the scent that redefines the word "sweetness" with its youthful exuberance and soft, gentle character.

Rather than furnish us with olfactive pyramids and dizzying marketing prose, Puredistance prefer that the wearer succumbs to the scent itself, and leaves the perfume's personality intact. I for one appreciate the idea, as Antonia has a compassionate spirit all of her of her own. Just as the name might suggest, Antonia is a European royal... an emerging Duchess with a pure heart and wish to do good. Her laughter cartwheels on the air, and her hair is lifted delicately by a light breeze. This is the perfume of the grounds of a castle during the summertime... green leaves, lily of the valley, and tumbling soft florals dominate over a warm honeyed heart and what seems to me to be a transparent musk base. It's composition is every bit as considered and deliberate as an immaculately maintained parterre garden.

Annie Buzantian has kept this creation much in line with Puredistance I in that both share a commonality that I expect might be a house accord... a soft, powdery aspect that is staunchly feminine. Antonia is ever-present, but worn close to the skin; giggling and speaking in whispers from behind a cupped hand. It contains a generous 25% perfume and will be available at select perfume retailers from December in a 17.5ml perfume spray. For more information, visit


Bloody Frida said...

I so want to try this - thanks for the review!

kjanicki said...

What a beautiful description!