Sunday, 18 April 2010

Comme des Garcons: 2 Man

Resinous fragrances appeal to me in a manner like no other. Perhaps my inherent appreciation for frankincense and other tree stones has emerged from a childhood immersed in orthodoxy; where the perfume of frankincense was enjoyed at numerous ecclesiastical celebrations throughout the year. There is nothing I like more than to burn the stones over coal discs and enjoy the aroma, or to source scents in which resinous accords are executed masterfully.

Comme des Garcons 2 Man has been on the market for 5 or 6 years, but in my book, still remains a top contender for my "Best Frankincense" accolade. Whilst it reveals a sharp orange metallic accord when first applied, 2 Man swiftly evolves into a deliciously warm frankincense / incense scent, which surprisingly remains somewhat transparent throughout the course of its life. Often, I find incense fragrances have a husky or dry quality, but this eau de toilette remains crisp and unclouded; boasting a sense of stark purity that is very much in keeping with other Comme des Garcons releases.
Whilst many have been hasty to compare this to Gucci Pour Homme, I find the likeness rather superficial. Whilst both scents engage the nose with lovely resinous hearts, Gucci hones in more on pepper and woods, whilst Comme des Garcons explores sheer white smoke and spices. Much in the same way Andy Tauer's L'Air du Desért Marocain manages to masterfully evoke sensations from the shifting desert sands, so too does 2 Man.

Cumin and nutmeg suggest an interesting marriage between bitter and sweet accords, however the shining star of all spices used here is awarded to a slightly acerbic (almost plasticky) saffron. Saffron in itself is a difficult scent to describe, however 2 Man rather successfully interprets the aroma of these blazing red stamens. (Washington Tremlett's Black Tie is the only other perfume I have encountered in which the saffron notes used possibly best resemble the actual foodstuff). The sum of these individual components make for one of the more beautiful incense fragrances on the modern market.

2 Man lingers on my skin for a very generous 8-9 hours, and whilst marketed to men, has an equally strong female following.
Comme des Garcons 2 Man is available at in 100ml flacons for €69.


Rick said...

Beautiful Píc Dimi!
I've already owned a bottle of these beuaty you reviewed. On me, CDG2MAN was all about spices, incense and vetiver. At first, I got a cloud of spices, mixed in a way that mades me think of a spice shop. Then, I got whiffs of something smoky, then incensy and, some hours later, all I detect is a dry vetiver base on my skin. Somehow this one reminds me of Gucci Pour Homme, but less incense, more spicy and with a different wood base, but the same dry wood sensation.

La Bonne Vivante said...

I have never tried this, but the frankincense, saffron, and incense sound right up my alley! Lovely review--thank you!

Wakeup Your Makeup said...

I have never smelt this but it is on my list - well that is if I can find it here.
I understand totally the appeal of the "resinous fragrances" your experience seems quite like my own "childhood church aromas" memories and feelings of mystery, intrigue and risk...I look forward to seeking it out. “Andy Tauer L'air du Desert Marocain” that you posted to me is wonderful but it has been difficult to wear in our heat – I have actually placed the smallest drop in a room and voila magic ... I wonder does he make candles or incense sticks? ... x WYM

Mystic Knot said...

Great article Dimitri and lovely pictures . Unfortunately Onda and I don't mix though I may need to try again with it. Rubj and I get on famously though ! :)

Prosetry said...

Hi Dimitri!

As a woman, I find 2man totally wearable! I do dress it up with a little incensy vanilla, just to cut some of the sourness I get from the vetiver. Otherwise, it's my favorite woody incense.

Michael Mattison said...

Hi Dimitri -- A wonderful review.
I think we share similar tastes with a penchant for the smoky/incense genre.
I was just wondering how you'd compare "Comme des Garcons 2 MAN" with "Comme des Garcons 2": I'm only familiar with the latter, which is an eau de parfum and very, very strong and long-lasting. It's intensely smoky and peppery -- sometimes a bit much so -- , but I did enjoy wearing it for a while; very nice. Is the "MAN" version of "2" similar?
(Oh, love Gucci pour Homme, by the way; that's how I love vanilla being used, just on the safe side of sweet, with the incense not too heavily in the foreground but very much there.)
Again, great post here, as always.

Flora said...

OK, I have to try this, if it is even close to the magic of L'Air du Desert Marocain, my all-time favorite incense fragrance, I must compare! It sounds fabulous.