Friday, 12 February 2010

Saying goodbye to a great: Alexander McQueen

This morning, I join the fashion world in lamenting the loss of another of their greats: Alexander McQueen. Few designers have changed the course of fashion in the same way McQueen did with his avante garde stylings and creations that embraced the alienesque. His vision was truly extraordinary, and his work revered by millions.

Lee Alexander McQueen stepped onto the world stage in 1996 after winning a "British Fashion Designer of the Year" award: an accolade he went on to claim 3 more times by 2003. In 2000, McQueen partnered with the Gucci Group and worked at the helm of his own brand as Creative Director. Since then, McQueen opened boutiques in London, New York, Los Angeles, Milan and Las Vegas, and his unconventional fashion has managed to penetrate the global psyche. In 2000, McQueen launched his first fragrance Kingdom: a scent that was met with polarizing opinions - much like his couture. Kingdom, - packaged in deep garnet-red Venetian glass and glinting rhodium - exhudes a sexual aura of potent spices, dark woods and exotic florals. To this day, it is still considered venturesome and daring. Those with a true appreciation for McQueen's universe can fathom its significance, and recognise its impact on how contemporary perfumes are perceived today.

As a visionary, McQueen led the charge and his ongoing contribution to fashion will be missed. 

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Michael Mattison said...

Absolutely loved "Kingdom" about 4-5 years ago. (Why I threw the empty bottles out, I do not know. Beautiful.) Hard to believe they discontinued it after such a short spell on the market.
The scent tends to draw fundamentalistic reactions: love or hate. It's strong, it smells of sex (genital sweat), and I've had very positive reactions. A little goes a long way; nothing you'd want to douse yourself with. I was just thinking a few months ago how I felt like wearing it again, if only for a night out. Alas, I should have bought one while I could have still gotten a bottle at Yatego or Ebay. Prices will have skyrocketed surely.