Sunday, 10 January 2010

XerJoff Modoc: 5 minute feature

Kudos once again to Italian luxury purveyors of perfume: XerJoff, whom never seem to disappoint!
This time it is the captivating spicy chypre Modoc from their XJ Shooting Stars collection that has won me over. Modoc is an exquisitely crafted marriage between gorgeous soft woods, peppery carnation, earthy vetiver and real Florentine iris butter... the result being a deliciously velvety eau de parfum with warm, spicy elements. As far as traditional chypres go, Modoc seems really rather removed, however it still manages to embody a sense of distinction and timeless refinement that one comes to expect only of XerJoff.

Modoc just gets better and better as it evaporates on the skin. This edp lasts a very generous 10-12 hours and can be bought at select retail outlets in the UK, Italy, France and Russia.
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