Saturday, 8 August 2009

Acqua di Parma: Magnolia Nobile

Ever since my love affair with Colonia Intensa germinated in the autumn of 2007, I find myself drawn to all that Acqua di Parma does. If I had a silly amount of money to spend on lavish leather goods and plush towelling robes, I would find myself jetting off to Milan's Acqua di Palma Via del Gesu' boutique to stock up on trinkets. As far as fragrance is concerned, whilst the original men's Colonia does not appeal to me much, I have a strong appreciation for the Colonia flankers and the women's bewitching creation Iris Nobile. Today, much to my delight, I had the opportunity to experience the latest in the women's "Nobile" series: Magnolia Nobile.

Magnolia is the protagonist appearing in the lush villa gardens sprawling around the enchanting Lake Como. Blushing blossoms reach skyward amongst a mosaic of roof gardens and terraces, whilst releasing their rousing perfume on the air... it is a flower that exudes a timeless sense of elegant femininity. It is no wonder that Acqua di Parma awarded her a starring role in this new eau de parfum.

Magnolia Nobile is an abstract of true magnolias - a foray into enchanting florals, much in the same way Iris Nobile demanded your nose attempt to conjure an image of purple irises. Magnolia opens with what I would call the "signature" Acqua di Parma topnote of bergamot and lemon which are distinctly Mediterranean in style. A puff of cedar beckons the nose into a rich floral heart of magnolia, rose, tuberose and jasmine... but there is also a crystalline sharpness which is akin to the Egyptian white musk abundant in Narciso Rodriguez for Her. An adept marriage of floral accords and earthy patchouli and sandalwood makes Magnolia Nobile both modern and whimsical. It is a scent of contrasts in which radiance meets velvety softness. Whilst I wouldn't call it particularly ground-breaking, I would call it a very sophisticated scent of noble intention.

Magnolia Nobile sits close to the skin, and lasts approximately 6-7 hours. I think it a very fitting scent to demonstrate the evolution of the "Nobile" series, and an ideal perfume to celebrate these final days of summer as the days draw in.

Available from September 2009.


janedaly said...

Thanks for this.What a delectable review, I am positively swooning. Iris Nobile while pretty was a bit to anise heavy for me. Hoping Magnolia Nobile this is available in Canada soon.

Stretch said...

Wow beautiful description Brother just today the magnolia tree started blooming....truly a magnificent oddity of Nature!
its good to see your inherited olfactory sense being put to such good use mine serves me well in enjoying sustenance but i find most perfumes overpowering.
Love to you and Mira

pheromone cologne said...

Once again another great article! After hearing about this perfume, I too was curious about its reception due to the use of “rose” in the title. I'll admit it, I'm in the younger "yuck this has rose a note in it" crowd, but not due to the fear of smelling like an old lady, ha. Out of my collection, I think the only rose fragrance I have is YSL Baby Doll, which happens to share a few of the same notes (currant, grapefruit, and a wood note) and also markets to the younger crowd. I'm rather curious to smell this one soon and I also like the ad.