Sunday, 8 February 2009

By Kilian - Straight to Heaven

In 2007 I stumbled across a compelling image of a £50 million diamond-encrusted skull exhibited by English artist, Damien Hirst. This profound artistic statement in celebration against death instantly reminded of ornamental El Dia de los Muerto skull depictions prevalent in Mexico; as well as rich pirate iconography common in Caribbean cultures. At the time, I was wowed by the way Hirst had transformed a human skull into an extravagant objet d'art. I'd long since filed this image away in the repository of my mind, however it skipped into my consciousness again just a few weeks ago, when a friend introduced me to a fragrance from the By Kilian perfume portfolio. The scent in question: Straight to Heaven: white crystal

Straight to Heaven, is a scent inspired by Martinican Rum - the alcoholic life-blood of the Caribbean islands. Its opening is dark and fruity - thick with the semi-sweet aroma of fermenting sugarcane and dark molasses, distilled and stored in old wooden barrels. With it, there is a sense of a warmth... like the radiating sting of an aged rum as it slips down the oesophagus.  Several accords drop anchor at the heart of this fragrance - most notably, cedar and Indonesian patchouli: each of which contribute a dense earthiness to the mix. But it is over a swelling tide of white musk that this composition stays afloat... the musk is sharp, crystal clear and well-refined.
When experiencing the total sum of these accords, one can easily visualise the ghosts of marauding buccaneers patrolling the Spanish- American coastline with the jolly roger hoisted high above their heads. It is a scent that is nostalgic and in the here-and-now. It is a fragrance that is commanding and masculine, but also one executed with enormous care and delicacy.

The brand itself is the culmination of French cognac heir and perfume marketer/developer Kilian Hennessey's efforts, and furnishes men and women with exquisite fragrances of unrivalled elegance and uncompromising luxury. This is clearly evident in the quality of the materials used, and the treasure chest-like presentation of the flacon in a satin-lined box with a lock and key closure. I am also very taken with the 1 litre barrel-shaped fountain, that allows you to refill your bottle at home. 

Such treasures I would also regard as objets d'art, and feel they would certainly take pride of place in any self-respecting pirate's plunder!


Anonymous said...

Although this line has been critisized for the price of the perfumes and the pesentation, I find that all the perfumes in the line are very well made and have quality ingredients. Other lines are just as expensive and don't get the bad attention this line gets. Of course of all seven there are some that I like more than others. STH is one of them. I find it very original and absolutely delicious. I have only bought one by Kilian and it was a tough decision. In the end I went for Cruel Intentions because I found it more wearable for a female, but Straight to Heaven is up there in my "to buy" list. I met Mr. Kilian last year, and although I really don't like some of the ad copy for these perfumes, I have to say that I don't know of many brand owners that will work for hours behind the counter at Saks. He definitely has poured all his energy in the success of his brand.

Parfum said...

although I haven't been able to sample much from this line, I am just starting to love it more and more - that 1 litre refill station is incredible!! I think im gonna do a mass sample buy on alot of these at luckyscent in the near future. PS I haven't forgotten your ambergris, still dont have any empty vials, that'll change soon as well :)

ps that skull is out of this world!