Tuesday, 17 June 2008

L'air du Désert Marocain: Visions of the Maghreb

There has always been a timeless romance associated with the Moroccan desert. One can't help but feel a sense of majesty when one imagines the mysterious nomadic peoples that have thrived there for millennia. The impact of the desert wind on its shifting sands fashions a non-permanent landscape, where orange earth kisses lapiz skies. 

One can therefore understand the 
inspiration behind niche Swiss perfumer Andy Tauer's creation aptly titled "Lair du Désert Marocain". Created in true artisanal fashion, it is a scent that pays hommage to the mysterious Maghreb with sensitivity and panache. From first spritz one is overwhelmed with the radiant hotness within... its dry, husky cedar takes center stage while exotic cumin, petitgrain and coriander spices scuttle over it, as would a scorpion on the desert sands. This fragrance has a vintage quality - as though it has permeated from the pages of an old Agatha Christie novel, where British archaeologists dab their brows with pressed handkerchieves, and caravans of desert nomads roam the dunes. It is both romantic and robust, and, much like the desert itself, unrelenting. The parched and arid amber has an aura of equatorial warmth, and is juxtaposed carefully with soft jasmine and rose. The transitory notes and dry-down are so remarkable - one can't help but feel oneself transported to another far-flung landscape at dusk, under a rising Moroccan moon.
Just one of a number of scents created for both men and women whom have an appreciation for unique niche perfumery, this could quite possibly represent my idea of perfume perfection.

Andy Tauer is always willing to engage in discussions with regard to his craft. You can order samples and fragrances online at his official website www.tauerperfumes.com, and he maintains his own perfume blog here.


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