Monday, 16 June 2014

A mini milestone

On this day, precisely six years ago, I put fingers to keys for the first time and made my first post ever on Sorcery of Scent - it served as a humble plea that I cast off into the ether... one which I never truly knew would be read. To my delight, there was someone listening! 
I'd like to take a moment to thank YOU, my kind and loyal readers without whom this blog simply wouldn't exist! Today, Sorcery of Scent, Australia's first independent perfume blog - steps over the threshold into its 7th year. I'm delighted and humbled that you're out there, and that you see some measure of merit in my arbitrary perfume ponderings.

I salute you!


Morton Wilson said...

Congratz and thanks for the terrific insight you offer, Dmitri - here's to the years to come! :)

pitbull friend said...

Congratulations, Dimitri, and many more! I hope it continues to be fun for you!

ThePerfumedGuillotine said...

I thought I left a happy birthday message somewhere already hmmm...maybe facebook.

Hopefully many many more years of success and great articles will continue! And of course I will continue to be a loyal fan and a friend :)