Thursday, 10 April 2014

Eternal Scents - NEW His & Hers seasonal duo + Giveaway!

West Australian perfume outfit Eternal Scents are ushering in the Southern autumn/winter season with a strictly limited His and Hers perfume pairing! As the days draw in and grow shorter we perfumisti always look to comfort and warmth from our fragrance wardrobes and it would appear Rafael and Sharon Rodriguez have just the ticket, offering us two new scents each of which provide both coziness and elegance.
Tabanesque for men and Winter Rouge for women are two new natural perfume oils being presented in strictly limited quantities and are already flying off the shelves. 

Here, Sorcery of Scent is reviewing each of these, and Eternal Scents will be offering 2 lucky readers a generous 3ml sample of each creation. More on that later in the article.


With a name somewhat evocative of vintage colognes of old, Tabanesque straddles the line between antiquity and modernity... I expect it would have appealed to an 18th century Dandy every bit as it is likely to appeal to a modern day hipster!
A lush opening of verdant green meets the nose, but its appearance is fleeting... for just below its leafy surface lies a most spectacular velvety red rose... one that blooms on the air and gives the impression of a meticulously-groomed man. Beneath, thick brown tendrils of spice and tobacco unfurl and reach up through the composition, filling it with a comforting ember-like warmth. Some time in, the texture feels warm and fleecy, like a freshly shorn sheepskin whose coat is still moist with sweat from the beast's back. The trail, which lingers for many hours, is one redolent of precious woods, musks and spices.

Tabanesque delivers uniqueness and refinement, but is in no way angelic. It is brawny and fecundant with gruff masculine vigour. Get it before it's gone.


Wintertime generally tends to make one reach for monochrome hues in one's wardrobe... lifeless grey, inky blues and coal black are worn in profusion, but its a special kind of woman who will assert herself in red. Winter Rouge is a celebration of vampish femininity in all of its forms... it embodies the burning blaze of sensuality that can be found at any woman's heart.
Winter Rouge is awash with rousing florals from the get-go... the main protagonist of which is a bewitching, carnal tuberose. Its predatory headiness is masterfully blended with Omani frankincense which brings a temperate warmth and balsamic quality to the composition. Rousing blooms of narcissus lie at the heart of this perfume oil, which feel delicate and silky to the touch and dance on skin with salacious intent.

Winter Rouge feels like a refuge... a warm, velvet-draped boudoir to retreat to when the snow falls outside. The Winter Rouge woman is sensual, libidinous, and calculated. Not to be missed.

WIN! To celebrate the launch of these pure perfume oils, Eternal Scents and Sorcery of Scent are offering 2 readers the opportunity to win a 3ml sample of each! Just leave a comment below, or on the Sorcery of Scent Facebook page, telling us what makes you a Tabanesque Man, or a Winter Rouge Woman.
The winner's names will be picked at random and published here on Friday April 18th.

Good luck!

Visit the Eternal Scents website here:


Carla Snip-Koenders said...

Dear Dimitri, I am very curious about this brand, and I would love to try the female fragrance.

theperfumemagpie said...

Hi Dimitri,
They sound absolutely gorgeous! I'm particularly interested in Winter Rouge; vampish femininity... Yep, that's me! (or at least I could use a bit of that.)
Tuberose, narcissus, frankincense... I adore them but, above all, I love the name "Winter Rouge". It gives me the image of the monochromatic winter scene and the strikingly bold red of her dress, lips and the flame...
(I'm also interested in Tabanesque. I have a thing for tobacco scent.)
Thanks for the generous giveaway!

Sara Gann said...

Dear Dmitri: Both scents sound fantastic. I am particularly fond of frankincense and white flowers, so the Winter Rouge is right up my alley!

Jacob said...

This brand sounds so amazing- looks like a hidden gem, never tried any Australian perfumes btw-and these seem to be so bold and sensual.
Thank you for the giveaway!

Mark Evans said...

I love rose in a masculine fragrance it adds refinement and inspires confidence. Both of these oils sound wonderful. Thank you for this opportunity to try them.