Thursday, 28 November 2013

GLASSHOUSE - LA MAISON - New scented candles

Aussie Parfums d'Ambiance outfit GLASSHOUSE strode onto the scent scene in 2006 with a range of reed diffusers and beautiful scented candles presented in apothecary-inspired receptacles. Since then, their vanilla/caramel gourmand nose-bomb Tahaa has perfumed Casa Sorcery of Scent, and my wife and I have gifted it to our friends many times over. Now, in 2013 (and just in time for the holidays) Glasshouse have launched their new La Maison range of perfumed delights - a series of six candles created by a team of French perfumers that speak of luxury and sublime reverie.

Presented in striking faceted vessels of obsidian black glass, the La Maison candles exemplify chic Parisian sophistication, and would look stunning in any office or home.
Six individual perfumes feature in these hand-poured triple-scented candles. They are:
No.1 BOIS MAGIQUES is a woody amber blend with leather facets
No.2 FIGUE DE LA FORÊT has a fruity green perfume featuring fig, jasmine and vetiver.
No.3 GARDENIA INOUBLIABLE is a marriage of woods and florals.
No.4 LES BAIES SAUVAGES is a lip-smacking fruity floral brimming with citrus fruits, berries, coconut and musk.
No.5 FLEURS MUSQUÉES (the author's personal favourite) is a musky floral, which features neroli, agarwood, resinous opoponax and musk. It has a distinct carnality, and smells like a hot lover's tryst in an ancient European library.
No.6 LE DÉSIR ARDENT is a woody oriental, ripe with light florals, patchouli and ambery woods.

Each of these creations has a distinct personality and it is impossible for anyone not to find at least one to adore. Shop now for Christmas.

La Maison Glasshouse candles retail for $59.95, and are available in selected stores, and online at:


Perfumecrazy said...

Thanks for this - I followed this link via Parfumo. I am a long time fan of the Glasshouse bath & body products (love the Monte Carlo scent) which I buy on holidays in Kingscliff, NSW. I am intrigued by their fragrances and will have to try very soon.

Dimitri said...

Hi perfumecrazy
Thanks for your comment... yes, this range is definitely worth sniffing next time you're in town! Do let me know which of them takes your fancy!