Wednesday, 9 October 2013

PUREDISTANCE BLACK - Envision. Smell. Feel.

I am always excited when a new olfactory study by Puredistance hits my desk. Not only because I have followed their journey right here on Sorcery of Scent from the very beginning, but because each and every offering to date has moved me in some way. From the sensuous aura of Puredistance I and the chaste femininity of Antonia to the brawny ruggedness of M and the enchanting nostalgia of Opardu, each offering is, in itself, an exercise in uniqueness and master craftsmanship. Puredistance Black - the latest scent from the perfumed pen of Puredistance founder Jan Ewoud Vos and nose Antoine Lie - is very much in keeping with the house's exemplary perfume portfolio to date.

Black is a name and a theme commonly used in the perfume world, and I ask 'why not'?
The colour black in itself is totally devoid of light... a mystery, an enigma and a breeding ground for the imagination. Unspeakable things happen in the dark... war is waged, love is consummated and innocence lost. We as humans live chiefly in the light: darting back and forth along that invisible boundary between light and dark; night and day. Darkness brings with it the unknown, the unseen, and the unfathomable... it is even Death's black shroud that shall one day be cast upon us all.
Black is a theme reinterpreted again and again in perfumery, because black holds all the mysteries of the universe.

Puredistance Black is a fragrance left wholly open to interpretation. They've cleverly done away with perfume pyramids and long-winded press materials, and instead, they simply state:

"Deep beauty is experienced in the dark. 
Envision. Smell. Feel. 
Don't analyse.

Today's trends to know everything
and to show everything,
mute our magic feelings of intuitive beauty.

Puredistance Black treasures
the beauty of the unknown."

This approach is a novel one, and I relented. I swatted at thoughts of individual notes and accords as one might a scuttling insect, and just let Black envelop me. I surrendered, and I was taken on a journey.
A vivid daydream of pictures, feelings and emotions... none of which are worthy of sharing because to appreciate Black in the way it was intended, it is perhaps best not to share.

I would love to describe the scent to you, but that would be telling.
Let me just say it's good.
Really, really good.

I urge you to experience it for yourself.

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Puredistance Black will be launched this November in 17.5ml, 60ml and 100ml sizes.

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