Saturday, 5 March 2011

The changing face of Guerlain 'Muguet'

Jacques Guerlain's celebrated soliflore Muguet was first introduced in 1908, and was kept in production until 1960 before it completely disappeared from sale. Fortunately though, this crisp green floral perfume has enjoyed a renaissance, when in 1999, Guerlain decided to release it again as a limited re-edition in hand-numbered bottles. Since then, every year on May the 1st, Muguet makes a special appearance in Guerlain boutiques the world over, offered for sale in a unique flacon and presentation for one day only; making it a coveted collector's showpiece.

Early 20th century presentations have included the "Flacon Fleuri" with white ribbon in both ribbed and smooth glass editions, the iconic Louis XVI flacon, and the charming 7.5ml "Parapluie" flacon of parfum extrait.
Modern re-editions have revisited the ribbed flacon fleuri and quadrilobe presentations.

Muguet's annual release represents a perfume overture, ushering in the European springtime. Its formula is tweaked ever-so-slightly each year, but the Lily of the Valley bouquet still features prominently. Muguet is soft, floral, slightly soapy, and verdantly green. Its luxurious and refreshing floral facets include cart-wheeling jasmine and rose. Muguet cannot be overlooked by lovers of Lily of the Valley perfumes, nor collectors of exceptional perfume presentations.

This year, the 2011 edition (pictured at top) will be offered in Guerlain boutiques only, as a 125ml eau de parfum, and at a price of 400 euros.


David Toms said...

I adore lily of the valley and would love to own a bottle of this. This year's bottle and design is wonderful.

taffynfontana said...

I have yet to try a lily of the valley scent

Angela Cox said...

I have been trying to find the name of the bottle I always bought my Guerlain in ( parapluie). It was a perfect size and to tell instantly which one was which I'd make velvet bags lined with Liberty prints for each one. The muguet sounds lovely but far too expensive.

kjanicki said...

I dream of getting one of those bottles.

Jessica said...

I'm not lucky enough to own any lily of the valley scents, but certainly do like the look of the bottles.