Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Acqua di Gioia: Giorgio Armani

Fans of Armani have much to be excited about with the imminent release of Acqua di Gioia - a scent that is every bit as vivifying and replenishing as a spring shower... it is a hymn to nature in all its forms.
Despite sharing a commonality with the name of Armani's bestselling men's fragrance Acqua di Gio, Gioia (meaning "joy") is a tender green, fruity, aquatic floral that adds a whole new olfactory element to the Armani perfume portfolio.
The striking opening shimmers with a zesty primo fiore lemon accord that lends a feeling of high summer; whilst a crushed mint facet furnishes the composition with a gratifying coolness. A note of gentle water jasmine imbues the perfume with a distinctly feminine aura that caresses the skin. As Acqua di Gioia dries down, lingering crisp mint notes dance over a pale brown-sugar and woody base.
Surprisingly, Gioia has above-average persistence. I see this as being a much-loved summer staple for women of all ages.

The beautiful flacon has been inspired by a drop of water... pure and pristine in nature. It represents the notion of the sea captured in a bubble of thick glass.

Acqua di Gioia will hit Australian retailers in September.

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