Friday, 19 February 2010

Frag Name of the Day: Fragrance Pronunciation Resource

At last an online resource specifically designed to put an end to the senseless mispronunciation of French fragrance names and posh perfume houses!

Parisian perfumista Bela has created a website in which sound files are uploaded daily in an attempt to teach us how to accurately enunciate the sometimes impossible names that embellish our favourite flacons. Spend a few minutes on the site each day, and you will avoid snotty stares and awkward stand-offs at the fragrance counter, forever!

Quelle grande idée!

ADDENDUM October 26th, 2011:
Perfumista Maja of has published an interesting (and humorous) interview with Bela on her website. Be sure to swing by and read Bela's insights as to the prolific use of "Anglicised French" in perfume names... a pet hate of hers (and yours truly too)!


Clement said...

Marvellous idea indeed!

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