Thursday, 11 February 2010

The Basenotes Fragrance Project

Last November, the world's largest online fragrance resource launched a ground-breaking initiative called the Basenotes Fragrance Project. Teaming up with UK perfume house CPL Aromas whom have produced numerous FiFi award-winning fragrances, Basenotes released a call to arms for perfumistas and colognisseurs to submit a perfume brief, describing every aspect of their ideal scent. When submissions closed on December 31st, Grant Osborne and Danielle Cooper of Basenotes and CPL perfumers Beverley Bayne, Mike Parrott and David Ruskin began the daunting task of selecting 3 briefs from the pool of proposals with a view to put the trio of winning ideas into production.
In a very transparent process, Basenotes is offering interested parties the opportunity to play a part in the fashioning of each scent through an exciting sampling program in which (through comment and constructive criticism) the Basenotes community will ultimately influence the final product. The perfume trinity will then be made available for sale through, and a number of select perfumeries.

A full list of all the interesting and inventive submissions can be seen here.

Late yesterday, the announcement was made that my brief was one of the three winning submissions that have inspired Basenotes and the CPL Aromas team.
CPL Aromas UK Perfumery Director Mike Parrott will be taking up the challenge to bring my fanciful ideas to fruition.
Mike comments:

"I like the unexpected and this brief allows me to create something unexpected. At the moment I’m not sure how the unexpected part of the fragrance will manifest itself but I am initially thinking of building something around a slightly toxic herbal note such as absinthe. Along the alcoholic route I also quite like dark rum notes so these may also appear, I’m not sure yet. The absinthe note tends to suggest the fragrance may be slightly more masculine rather than unisex but we’ll see how it evolves……"

Sorcery of Scent will be reporting on the creative process as it plays out, but would also like to invite readers to visit and sign up for the sampling program. This community-focused initiative is the first of its kind anywhere, and may present you with the rare opportunity to be a part of history.


Ines said...

The brief is very intruiging.

SignatureScent said...

Congratulations! How fantastic to have been selected. It sounds like it's going to be a really interesting process to develop the fragrance.

Really delighted for you.

Lisa BTB said...

Congratulations Dimi!