Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Andy Tauer's "Vetiver Dance"

Yesterday I received a generous sample of the newly christened "Vetiver Dance" by Swiss perfumer Andy Tauer. In recent months Tauer has blogged about this perfume from its inception, to selecting a name, through to its final packaging. Witnessing this fragrance come to fruition has been a very interesting process to behold.

This sneak-peek preview of Vetiver Dance comes several months prior to its official launch, and in celebration of Tauer's 3 years of blogging. As one of 100 lucky recipients, I am delighted to sample this spirited scent. Tauer lists grapefruit, black pepper, clary sage, lily of the valley, cedar wood, ambergris, tonka and dark vetiver from java as the fragrance's main components. Upon initial application, one can immediately sense the prickling heat of black pepper and the profound greenness of sage. Somewhere parallel, the acerbic sharpness of grapefruit and lily of the valley can be detected; both lending a dynamic vivaciousness to the composition. Creamy tonka and earthy ambergris diminish the zealousness of the perfume and each contribute a sense of subdued warmth. The starring vetiver is ever-present - though sometimes at centre stage, and sometimes waiting in the wings. This scent is characterised by constant transfiguration... it is truly a twirling quickstep of revolving accords and olfactory sensations. I enjoy this fragrance's pizzaz as it breaks the mould of vetivers as they have been portrayed and interpreted in traditional perfume.
After several hours, I am impressed with Vetiver Dance's persistence. I am also astonished at how it takes on a quality that is instantly recognisable as Tauer. There is a 'red thread' common to all of his existing scents that also exists here. Definitely another crowning feather in Andy Tauer's cap.


TRex said...



"Vetiver Dance" is a lovely name.


Dusan said...

Am still at work, anxious to get home and give my sample of Vetiver a whirl as I've only picked it up from PO today. And your sneak preview does not help!!! :)

Dimitri:THE REDOLENT ONE said...

Trex... you got mail... and Dusan... enjoy! I hope you will post a comment here after you've tried it for yourself :)

AromaX said...

Thanks for the nice review. What´s your impression about clary sage-lily of the valley peppered accord? It was difficult to accept it smelling as strong as Vetiver making the perfume different from what you think "classic Vetiver" should be. But also bringing the uniqueness and charm to the perfume.

"Red thread" is a nice surprise. It's like a signature ;-)

Flora said...

No surprise - Andy has another hit! Can't wait to try!

chetan said...

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